So You’ll Know Where Your Keys Are

In my entryway there’s a little square ledge set into a wall. It’s about four inches deep and ten inches around. On it we have a small tray where we drop our keys. (Most of the time.) But other things end up there too. Outgoing mail, receipts, stray Legos. So I’ve been thinking. To avoid fumbling around with the tray pile-up every time I want to head out of the house, we need another solution. Something like this.

Photo Source: Beckie Farrant of Infarrantly

Photo Source: Beckie Farrant of Infarrantly

Photo Credit: Beckie Farrant of

Photo Source: Beckie Farrant of

Beckie of Infarrantly Creative recently revamped this key holder wrack in her home using an OFS fabric, and it turned out really nice with the blue frame. Can’t tell she’s digging Premier Prints Zoom Zoom Reed Natural Fabric these days can you? Want to recreate this look? Head over to her blog and check out how she did it. And if you like it, Pin it!