How To Cover Picture Frames with Fabric

Fabric-covered picture frames can be embellished in any way you desire. These two were made by artisans from India.

Fabric-covered picture frames are easy to create and make charming gifts or additions to your décor. Craft fabrics, drapery fabrics, and apparel fabrics can be used.

Felt, burlap and other craft fabrics can be cut into shapes to decorate frames.

There are several methods of making fabric-covered frames. An inexpensive padded frame can be made using a picture mat and cardboard. Using a picture mat eliminates the need to cut an opening for the picture.

Beautiful apparel fabric makes great covering for frames.


  • Picture mat in the sized desired for the frame
  • Piece of sturdy cardboard for the back of the frame
  • Two pieces of fabric the size of the frame
  • A piece of thin batting the size of the frame (Fiberloft stuffing can also be used)
  • Fabric glue
  • Rotary cutter or exacto knife, however scissors can also be used

1. Using the picture mat as your template (pattern), cut out the batting in the shape of the frame.

2. Next, use the picture mat as your pattern to cut one frame shaped piece of fabric. Trace it before cutting, leaving ½ inch allowance all around.

3. Use the mat as a template to cut a solid piece of cardboard the same size. Then trim off ¼ inch around the entire outer edge.

4. Glue the batting to the picture mat. Let dry.

5. Lay the fabric frame shape over the batting, overlapping at the edges on the outside and inside. Neatly glue the seam allowance to the backside of the frame front. Allow to dry.

6. If desired, cover the frame back with fabric and add a piece of cardboard for a stand. You can also attach a loop of cord or yarn if you want to hang the frame.

7. When the frame front is entirely dry, fasten the back to it by using a thin line of glue along three outer edges. Leave the top unglued so that you can insert the picture.