Fabric: Don’t you just love a good bargain?

Some people get high on finding a great bargain.  It could be something as simple as your favorite cracker marked two for one at the grocery store or it could be real savings on a large purchase like a new car or a piece of furniture.  At Onlinefabricstore we not only offer our 2 Day Deals  but we also have a sale and clearance section.  Be assured that these products are not seconds or damaged goods.  Perhaps the manufacturer has discontinued the style or colorway or we are down to a small amount of yardage or it is time to move inventory to make way for new products.  All that being said, you are probably anxious to see just what is on sale.  Check these bargains out and happy shopping!

Bring a touch of spring into your home with this Waverly floral that features just a hint of 2011 color of the year, honeysuckle pink

Black and white check 100% cotton never goes out of style


Invite the outdoors in with this Suntex acrylic fabric featuring a cheerful blue and white stripe pattern