Fabric for Atlanta

In just a few weeks Kate and I are headed down to Atlanta for the Haven conference. And well. I’m kinda sad. I mean, I’ll be away my one- and three-year-old sons for FIVE DAYS. For the first time ever. I’ve never been away from them for 24 hours never mind 120 hours! Ok, I know a lot of parents unfortunately have to spend time away from their children for one reason or another. I’m aware it’s not the end of the world. But I just can’t imagine not snuggling those two little guys for that long. But, then again, sleeping and eating meals without interruption is a decent silver lining. And of course meeting the many many talented DIY bloggers that I’ve enjoyed reading and interacting with over the past few months.

So we’ve been pretty busy here preparing 450 swag bag items for attendees and speakers, as well as planning the look and feel of our vendor booth. As you can imagine, it was not easy deciding which decor fabrics we’d take down with us for everyone to check out. But here’s a little peek at some that did make it into the box.




Huge thanks to Lisa for collecting everything in the warehouse and Laurel for serging all of them! And to those of you who know the city of Atlanta, any good restaurant recommendations? Planning on making those those calm dinners count.