Fabric: NFL Strike is over–sorry ladies!

Are you wondering why your husband has been in such a good mood lately?  Have new, and even larger televisions been delivered to your home?  This could be due to the fact that the NFL strike has been settled and there will be a 2011 football season!  And I say, “if you can’t beat ’em, join’em.”

Introduce some fun sports fabrics into the man cave area of your home.  This might include the family room, game room, den or, if you are lucky, the garage.  And you will be voted Mom of the Year when your son sees new throw pillows, bedding or fun window treatments featuring his favorite team logo in his bedroom.

Many women also enjoy football season.  After all, it is a good excuse to have a party every weekend.  I know I have my favorite team

San Diego Chargers fabric

 What’s yours?  Make those weekly gatherings special with table linens depicting the week’s opposing teams or sew a pair of comfy drawstring pants to proudly display your team colors.  And how fun would a set of chair seat covers be all showing different teams?  Use this idea in a game room or a casual dining space where they will set the stage for friendly rivalries.

How do you and your family spend football Sundays?