Fabric: Use patent leather for more than just handbags

Remember those shiny new maryjanes you wore on special occasions?  All you needed to do was rub a little vaseline on them to keep them looking like new.  Or maybe you have been around enough (sounds so much better than old enough, doesn’t it?) to remember patent leather jackets and skirts in the sixties.  While they looked cool they were sure uncomfortable.  Fortunately, today’s patent leather is a bit more comfortable to wear and much more versatile.  See if any of these patent leather ideas work for you:

  • If you are involved in costume making or the theatre in any way then you already know how difficult and expensive it can be to find the right props, clothing etc.  Affordable patent leather can be used for all those purposes and the light it reflects looks great from the audience!
  • While you may not be involved in making your own patent leather shoes, you could certainly make attractive and trendy handbags, belts, totes, even a large floral pin for your jacket.
  • Home decorating enthusiasts are not left out when it comes to fun ways to use patent leather for interior design projects.  How about a durable red patent headboard for your son’s nautical inspired bedroom or a hot pink vanity chair that can withstand all the makeup spills in your teenage daughter’s room?  For something more sophisticated consider adding nailhead trim to a crisp white headboard in a guest room.  This affordable and versatile fabric cleans up with a damp cloth so don’t be afraid to use it on kitchen chairs, bar stools, mud room and game room furniture.

These black patent leather chairs certainly complement this very modern and colorful room from Dmagazine.

If something a bit more subtle is more to your liking check out this bedroom bench by Phoebe Howard in House Beautiful or the white patent leather headboard accented with black button tufting from Ken Fulk Designs via House Beautiful; all easy projects for you DIYers.

room by Phoebe Howard via House Beautiful

Patent leather headboard designed by Ken Fulk Designs


Please share any patent leather projects you have completed.  You just might inspire all of us.