Fabric Scrap Project Ideas

Picture this: You’re at your favorite restaurant enjoying every morsel of your favorite meal on the menu. But you just. can’t. make it through the entire plate. You feel like you’ll seriously die if you do. What’s your next move? Well, if you live in the US, then your answer is probably take it home. Wrap it up. Leftovers. Doggy bag. And that’s because when you pay your good, hard-earned money for something, it’s painful to toss even a little bit of that something in the trash.

Same goes with fabric. You rarely need every inch of that yardage you bought for a project. So you save the fabric scraps. Because it physically hurts to throw away that pretty print — even if there’s just a measly 12 x 3-inch strip of it left. But there’s actually a lot you can do with it. Bias tape, for one.



For more project ideas, check out this list Amber of Crazy Little Projects compiled: 25 Things to Do with Fabric Scraps.

PS the fabric pictured above is Amy Butler.