Fabric Scraps to Trendy Office Accessory

For most of you, wiffle ball brings up positive associations. Playing it with neighborhood kids or at warm weather outings with friends and family. But not me. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sports and games. I do. But when it comes to harmless old wiffle ball, I get a little nervous. Let me put it this way. I could be in the safety of a house, with the doors and windows locked. And even if there was the most relaxed, casual wiffle ball game in history going on in my vacinity, that ball would most certainly collide with my face somehow. Probably several times in a row. It happens every time.

I was reminded of this last night when I came home from work. My husband went inside to finish up cooking dinner while I played in the yard with the boys. I gently underhanded a wiffle ball to my three-year-old, who held his little Red Sox bat eagerly. BAM. He connects and the hard plastic ball grazes my knee. It didn’t hurt of course. But I knew we were just getting started, so decided to pitch a few steps back. His next hit? Ball square in my nose.  Why am I telling you this? Because my recent sports fail reminded me that I’ve been meaning to share this tutorial with you.

When I was in Atlanta I had the pleasure of meeting two lovely DIY bloggers who have a fun sports theme to their site. Complete with play-by-play, press box, and rookie references. It’s call the DIY Playbook. Earlier in the month they created a brief tutorial on modernizing your mouse pad.  They used the yard of fabric we provided in attendee Swag bags at the Haven conference, but I think this project is a good way to get rid of scraps you may have in your fabric stash.


This was the box our gift came in. Photo Credit: Bridget & Casey of theDIYPlayBook.com

Here’s what was inside Casey’s box. (Reminder, each blogger got a yard of burlap and then a yard of a different Premier Prints Fabric).

Photo Credit: Bridget & Casey of DIYPlayBook.com

Photo Credit: Bridget & Casey of theDIYPlayBook.com

Here’s what Casey did with it.

Photo Credit: Bridget & Casey of DIYPlayBook/com

Photo Credit: Bridget & Casey of theDIYPlayBook/com

Photo Credit: Bridget & Casey of DIYPlayBook.com

Photo Credit: Bridget & Casey of theDIYPlayBook.com

She simply revamped a plain mouse pad into something trendy by covering it with Premier Prints Cameron Aquairus Slub fabric. Head over to see her wicked easy tutorial here.