Handmade Gift: Fabric Storage Bins

You know that gift you got a few weeks ago? The one made in China that you immediately thought of re-gifting? Well that gift isn’t alone. Unfortunately, many gifts out there in the world are inherently useless to its recipient. And they’re usually lackluster or downright dreadful to look at too. But then. Then there’s that rare breed of gifts. Presents that are both practical and pretty. Bonus if they’re handmade.

So the other day, OFS Kaly and I were discussing what fabrics we could use to make stylish Valentine’s Day gifts people would  want to make for their friends and family. And more importantly, what said friends and family would want to receive. Here’s the product of that conversation.


Yep, fabric storage containers made with Joel Dewberry fabric. We decided to use Pristine Poppy Magenta for the outside,


and Frames Tangerine fabric for the inside.


Kaly rocked these fabric storage bins out in no time and I just love how they turned out. A chic place to store and organize your stuff for under $10? I think it’s pretty clear that this gift is awesome. So how’d she do it? Stay tuned and we’ll release a quick video step-by-step tutorial as well as a written tutorial down the road a bit. But in the meantime, here are the materials she used (and just leave a comment below if you have any questions about the project at all!)