Fabric Wall Decor is Cool

An assortment of Amy Butler fabrics.

Speaking of vintage, fabric wall décor periodically makes a comeback. These attractive Peace and Love Amy Butler wall hangings look like they stepped out of the 1960s, yet they are fresh, and oh so cool!

They are easy to make using this free PDF pattern from Amy Butler. What a great way to use beautiful Amy Butler prints.

These bold signs are made by making a frame of wooden stretcher strips and stretching fabric across  them. Because Amy Butler prints are lightweight woven cotton, they are too sheer to be used by themselves, so cotton canvas or duck is first attached across the stretcher frame strips to create the base of these wall hangings.  The patterns for each letter are printed out on sheets of computer paper; twenty sheets of paper are needed.

You will also need scissors, glue, all purpose thread, a craft knife, and a ruler.  Also, gather together a hammer and staple gun to assemble the frame and attach the fabric to the wood.  Ordinary household tools or crafts tools will do this job, but upholstery tools would be even better.

To assure a successful, pleasurable project, be sure to thoroughly read the PDF instructions before beginning.  Amy Butler and her team of creative designers have taken great pains to make sure that the pattern is accurate and easy to complete.  No previous experience is really needed.

This is such a fascinating project, you may wind up making other designs.  Fabric wall decor is popular and inexpensive.