Fabrics for Renaissance Costumes

Drapery fabric and velvet can be used to make fabulous Renaissance garb.

A wide range of fabric can be used in authentic looking Renaissance costumes. Peasant blouses and chemises can be made with cotton broadcloth. Broadcloth is also good for men’s Renaissance shirts and tunics. Some tabards can be made with broadcloth.

Fancy blouses and tops can be made with the silk and sateen fabrics. Heavier weight dresses look good in heavier linens and even in damask, brocade, and other drapery fabrics. Drapery and upholstery fabrics are a favorite with costume designers. These fabrics hold their shape and drape beautifully in full Renaissance skirts. Velvet and velveteen are also a favorite of elegant Renaissance ladies.

Wool and wool blends can be used for hooded capes and for tunics. Just make sure your skin can tolerate wool before you go to the trouble of a making a grand garment out of it.