Fall Fashion Colors–2010

This year fashion designers are leaning towards practicality for budget-minded consumers.
Leatrice Eisman the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says
“Mindful of consumers’ need for practicality, plus their desire for newness, designers offer many options for women to extend and embellish their wardrobes this fall. Building on the color palette from spring, this season’s offerings include innovative takes on fundamental basics, as well as transporting, lively colors that conjure images of travel and adventure, whether real or aspirational.”

Black and navy will continue to be staples, but you can liven up that wardrobe with something in Woodbine green, a variation of Army green or try Lagoon, an aqua blue close to turquoise, but with its own wonderful personality. Purple Orchard is grand and goes well with the purples and lavenders that were out this past spring, while Chocolate Truffle adds an undertone of plum to deep brown. Yellows and subtle green will also be in evidence with Golden Glow and Endive.

Of course for the adventurous, Lipstick Red is gorgeous and it looks great with any skin or hair color. Living Coral adds a deep, rosy glow, while Oyster Gray and Rose Dust are luscious neutrals.