Fall Wedding Décor

Modern brides have such a wide range of choices when it comes to wedding décor colors.   Wedding decorations are not limited to pastel or bright hues.

If your wedding is scheduled for fall, you may want to opt for beautiful fall shades. Any fabric that is great for event decorating comes in wonderful deep tones as well as in pastels.

Crepe Back Satin

Think plum, olive, russet, you name it! If it is an autumn shade you almost certainly can find it. Gorgeous tulle, organza, satins, and silks are available in all the splendor of autumn leaves.

These fabulous fabrics harmonize well with fall wedding flowers.  Roses, always a romantic favorite, are available in fall colors. Dahlias, the more sophisticated cousin of mums, are wonderful for autumn weddings.  Don’t overlook the humble mum; they can be gorgeous and are often a budget saver.  Plum and green hydrangeas are also popular wedding flowers.

Peau de soie

Wrapping flowers stems in wide fabric ribbon is a style currently popular with florists.  You can easily duplicate this look if you make your own bouquets.  Wide strips of ribbon or fabric can be tied around simple vases for an elegant, yet inexpensive look.

When planning arrangements for the tables, think outside the box (or the bloom in this case).  Non-flowering plants can be an attractive alternative to floral bouquets.  They are also a cost-saver since you can keep them or give them away to guests as a living reminder of the wedding.  Use tulle or ribbon to decorate the plant containers.