Fancy Quilt Stitching

The piecework and intricate pattern design of a quilt top are often the main points of visual interest; however, the stitching design of the actual quilt stitches can also add interest to a quilt. Sometimes, an intricate quilting stitch pattern is the focus of this fabric art form.

These solid color quilts are beautiful because of the quilting stitches.

These intricate stitching patterns can be quilted by hand, standard sewing machine, or a long arm machine. When quilts are quilted by hand or on a standard sewing machine, the stitching pattern must be marked. This can be done with standard marking tools used in sewing, but many quilters prefer using a bar of soap to mark the stitching pattern. Soap has the advantage of being very easy to wash out, but many people find it difficult to follow.

This classic star pattern has an added twist with the cable-like quilting stitch pattern which frames the main design.

Writing for Threads magazine Sara Hochhauser shares her technique for No Mark Quilting. Hochhauser marks her stitch design on tear away stablizing paper and uses it as her stitch guide. This technique works well when quilting by hand or a standard machine.

Long arm quilting machines require a different technique. The standard way to follow a stitch design with a long arm machine is through the use of a pantograph.

Long arm quilting machines have a laser which is used to trace patterns and guide the needle in the proper position. The machine’s operator places the pantograph under the laser and traces the design; when properly aligned the long arm’s needle than stitches an accurate quilting pattern.

Some types of batting are easier to quilt by machine than others are. For example, Quilter’s Dream Wool Batting is excellent for all types of quilting, including quilting on a long arm. Mountain Mist Cream Rose is another excellent batting for any type of quilting process.

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An assortment of different quilt battings.