Fashion Classics—the Black Dress

Over the years the “little black dress” has taken many forms. This style, which appeared a few years ago, is suitable for the office, as well an evening on the town.

Chanel first popularized the basic “little black dress” in 1926 and it has been popular every since. Before that time, black clothing for women was generally reserved for mourning. The “little black dress” from Chanel was calf length (which was considered short at the time) and featured very simple lines. Over the years, especially during the 1960s, the little black dress, has appeared in much more revealing versions than Chanel’s.

The “little black dress” can also be modest and elegant. A-line designs flatter all figures. A simple a-line black dress is easy to make and can be made to the length that suits you. It can be dressed down to wear to the office and dressed up for a night on the town.