Fun Find—Gifts for Creative Older Kids

This is new feature for my posts. Every month I am going to feature some fun new products related to sewing.

This month I am featuring Simplicity’s Project Runway Designer Kits. There are thirteen fabulous kits all based around the theme of fashion design. My favorite is a darling kit that lets children eight and up, create coats and other doggie fashions for four cute paper doll dogs. The kit is called Project Runway Pet Fashion Wardrobe Creation and includes a 100+ patterns, four cute doggie models, fabric, glitter paints, beads, ribbons, buttons and instructions.

Other kits include tee shirt design kit that lets kids put their own designs on new or old shirts; the kit includes a gem and stud setting tool, fabric markers, ribbon, patterns and more. There is also a tee shirt screen art kit, and a dressmaking and draping kit with a miniature mannequin the size of a fashion doll, so kids can design their own doll clothes. Other kits in the series include a game that challenges you to design various outfits and an introduction to figure drawing kit, complete with a poseable wooden figure model.

The age level for Simplicity’s Runway Designer Kits is age eight and up, but in my opinion, some of them might be more suited for age ten or eleven and up; they may utilize more fine motor skills and drawing ability than an eight year old is developmentally ready for. Every child is different; use your best judgment about the suitability of a particular type of project for your child.