Hanging the Whiteboard: An Ordeal

Piece by piece the OFS web team collaboration area is slowly transforming from a bare pass-through to the creative workspace it’s meant to be. Kate and Clara made artwork for the walls using OFS fabrics. Jarek crafted a beautiful dark-stained wood table and coffee sideboard. And Kate and Mayer selected a giant magnetic white board. It arrived. A team measured and marked as one should do when hanging anything. Then, despite Kate’s advice to apply it from top to bottom, it was stuck to the wall from left to right. And? Well, this is what happened:


white board



They couldn’t very well just peel it off and start over. The wall would’ve come with it. What to do…what to do. Oh, that’s right, Jarek to the rescue again! He measured, leveled and created a frame for it. It’s nice now, of course, and really fills the space. And most importantly, no longer blatantly crooked.