Happiness is Blue

Blues and greens are relaxing, peaceful colors. They remind people of the sky and the great outdoors. Scientific studies have shown that these colors do indeed make us feel more mellow and rested.

Lovely blues make any room a peaceful oasis. Note the throw made out of the same fabric as the pillows.

Greens and blues are available in a wonderful palette of hues. Choose dark shades or light shades or mingle them.

Blue decor fabric comes in many variations.


It is easy to add splashes of blue or green to your décor with curtains, drapes, valances, and Roman shades.  These window treatments are easy to make.  Simple curtains and valances are do-able for beginning sewers, while making drapes and Roman shades can be mastered by anyone with intermediate sewing experience.

New cushions for occasional chairs are can brighten a room.  And of course, pillows are a perfect, inexpensive way to change your décor.  They are portable, practical and easy to sew.  Plus you can always store them or use them in another room when you grow tired of them.  Pillows also make nice home-made gifts.

Cozy fringed throws are another option to add a touch of blue or green to your living room or bedroom décor.  While traditionally throws are sewn out of warm materials, such as fleece, or wool, or knitted or crocheted with yarn, fabric throws can be made with décor materials.  Luxurious medium and heavy weight drapery and upholstery fabrics can make excellent throws. Simply cut them to size and hem the raw edges; add fringe if you like.

One of the things I like most about blues and greens is that they really are season-spanning.  They can be mingled with browns, tans, russets, and other autumn hues.  They can also be used with whites, creams, yellows, and other spring tones.