Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to all our readers.  We hope you enjoy celebrating our nation’s 236th birthday and have a wonderful, safe day with family and friends.

Home sewing is a grand part of our nation’s tradition.  In the years leading up to the Declaration of Independence, patriotic colonial women even wove their own fabrics, rather than depend on materials from Britain.  The fabric they produced was called homespun, and Americans like Benjamin Franklin and Martha Washington were proud to wear it.  Martha was a member the Daughters of Liberty and so she probably wove some homespun herself.

Nowadays American sewers have a wide choice of fabrics from around the world.  If you are not already a sewer, we encourage you to give this time-honored craft a try. Remember sewing your own garments and home fashions can give you a sense of independence; you have the creative freedom to make whatever you desire.