Home Decor: Brighten your home with Bling

In the world of interior design there are BIG trends such as color (think honeysuckle pink) and small trends that just seem to appear everywhere (think birds).  One trend for the year 2011 is the use of a bit of bling in your home.  Like birds, we are attracted to shiny objects.  This does not mean you have to bedazzle your sofa, it simply means that adding a few shiny objects to your decor can update your home and really brighten up the space.  For example:

  • Metallic:  Replace those ceramic or wooden candle sticks, lamp bases and picture frames with those made of mercury glass or shiny metal.  Brass is making a real comeback and not only adds shine but the golden color adds warmth as well.
  • Mirrors:  This is no secret.  Mirrors always add a touch of bling to your home.  In place of a large mirror, hang a grouping of small mirrors in different shapes or add a mirrored top to an old end table to reflect the light of the lamp.  A mirrored frame will add interest to an old photograph.  Remember those Moroccan fabrics from the seventies that had little pillows sewn into them?  Toss a few of those colorful items on your sofa and you have instant bling.
  • Shine:  There are many fabrics available that have a touch of shine to them.  This may come from the fabric itself (satin, silk etc.) but it can also come from metallic threads or a lustre finish added to the fabric.  If that is a bit too formal for your taste, consider adding some shiny trim to existing pillows or drapery panels.  Beautiful trims can be found with shiny sequins, beads, threads etc. that offer just a hint of “bling”.
  • Accessories:  Nothing says bling like a large colored “gemstone” placed on top of a stack of books.  How about a box to hold the remotes that has been covered in shiny sequins or pretty gemstones?  Frame a collection of sparkly brooches and hang it in a guest room or powder room for all to enjoy or add one special brooch to a velvet pillow for an elegant touch.

Take a look around your home and see if there is a dark corner that could use a bit of bling.