Home Decor: Can you spot the trends in this room?

As we have discussed in the past, whether it is fashion, automobiles or home decor, trends come and go.  Therefore, utilizing a trend when decorating your home should be done carefully.  You want to avoid a room that looks too “trendy” or themed but you also want to take advantage of a trend you enjoy and update your space accordingly.  See if you can spot the trends used in this room.

Color of the year, pink, on the walls, light blond wood tones, gray furniture (photo courtesy of ihouse.com)


How’d you do?  Did you spot them right away? This is a relaxed and informal room that is taking advantage of the light wood tones trend as well as the Honeysuckle Pink color of the year.  These items can be switched out for next year’s trends at very little cost or effort.  That is the way to introduce a trend into your home.