Home Decor Fabric: Burlap

When you think of burlap fabric, what comes to mind?  Those sacks that wrap the roots of trees at the nursery?  Perhaps a large bag full of animal feed or seeds for the garden.  You probably don’t think of beautiful tablecloths, interesting window treatments or an unusual ottoman.

Burlap is a fabric made from the fibers of the jute plant that is coarse in feel and features an open weave.  Due to finishing processes,  however, burlap is finer in texture than jute, making it more decorating friendly.  At www.onlinefabricstore.net, we carry a complete line of burlap products from interesting burlap coffee bags to utilitarian products like jute webbing and cording.  Decorative burlap is also available in luscious spring colors like tomato red, snap pink and spring green along with sophisticated colors like sage and burnt sienna.  This selection of colors makes it possible to use burlap in any type of decor.  But how, you ask?

  • Cover a cornice board or create a pull down shade in snap pink  burlap for the perfect window treatment for a young girl’s room.  The open weave will allow a bit of light to shine through and the bright pop of color will satisfy any little girl’s need for pink.
  • For the true craftsperson, covering your books in  burlap will give your library, den or any bookshelf a truly coordinated look while adding interesting texture.
  • Upholstering a small footstool in a rich color like burnt sienna burlap and embellishing it with nailheads will add a sophisticated touch to any living area. For a contemporary space, choose black or smoke gray.  The texture of the burlap will warm up all the smooth surfaces often found in contemporary design.
  • Consider adding a border or hem to off-the-rack drapery panels.  The roughness of burlap next to smooth fabric is interesting and you can coordinate the colors with the rest of your decor.
  • Tote bags, placemats, tablecloths, and other household items can all be made from burlap.  Cover the back of a bulletin board or picture mats to add color and texture .

Not just for utilitarian purposes anymore, don’t overlook colorful burlap for use throughout your home.