Home decor: Five fall favorites #4–candlelight

Nothing creates ambience like candlelight!  It can spell fun when the power goes out and all the rooms are lit with candles.  It can certainly spell romance with a tub surrounded by candles or a beautiful table lit with dozens of tiny tealights.  A scented candle can add additional ambience by providing aromas that remind us of certain holidays (spruce or pumpkin pie) or evoke a feeling of restfulness (lavender) or romance (musk).

courtesy of sunset magazine

There is a large selection of candles to choose from and they are available in every color and scent imaginable:

  • Pillars are round candles that can range in size froma small 3″ height up to 2 or 2 feet  in height.  Place these candles in hurricanes, on candle holders or group them together on a mirrored tray to double the effect.
  • Tapers are the tall, skinny candles that are used in a candlabra or candle holders.  Choose beeswax candles for less smoke and an even burn.
  • Votives are a smaller version of a pillar candle and are meant to fit inside a votive holder to add a small amount of light to a space.
  • A tealight is a small candle that is encased in it’s own plastic or metal holder.  Simply drop these tealights into a votice holder or float decorative ones in a pretty bowl.

Tips:  soy candles produce less soot and last longer–realistic battery operated candles should be used in areas that are left unattended and/or where children are present–always burn the wick of a candle when they are used for display–use unscented candles during a meal–safety first–never leave a candle left unattended and keep the flame away from draperies, upholstery, pillows and open windows.

Let candles light up your night or your next party or, for a special treat, light the candles on an ordinary day and turn it into an extraordinary day.

photo via tumblr showiwng varying types of candles i.e. pillars, votives, tapers, tealights