Home decor: Five fall favorites– #1 Quilts

Fall is in full swing around the country and now that Halloween is over we can all concentrate on Thanksgiving.  Yummy food, pretty tables, warm clothing and cozy rooms all add up to a wonderful fall evening for me whether it is a holiday or just a night at home.  My first fall favorite is quilts.

room by ralph lauren

I absolutely adore quilts of all sizes and colors.  It is my chosen item when my feet are cold while watching TV.  It is my choice of bed linens in both my master bedroom and guest room and it is what I take to picnics and outdoors concerts to throw on the ground or wrap around us as the wind picks up.  And while I prefer a typical patchwork quilt design, quilting has become quite an art.  Check out these modern quilts that can be used as a bed covering or, better yet, hang them on the wall for a piece of tactile art.

This stark black and white quilt from Luke quilts would look amazing in a contemporary home or really warm up a large office lobby.


Or this retro quilt that every teenage boy and girl would love to have in their room.

And this colorful quilt from Bonnie J. Smith will add some fall color to many spaces in your home.


What is your favorite quilt pattern?