Home decor: Go BIG or go home

photo by Simon Upton for elle decor

This month’s Go BIG or go home features big ottomans like this one from Casamidy that provide plenty of room to put your feet up (or several feet for that matter), serve drinks or create additional casual seating during a party.

photo by William Waldron for elle decor

This large round ottoman in a stand out shade of fuchsia designed by Jamie Drake fills the empty space in a large room.  While the color and shape certainly make a design statement it functions as additional seating space as well.

courtesy of Veranda's House of Windsor

This room designed by Windsor Smith for Veranda magazine displays a big ottoman, a big television and a big mirror to match.  That ottoman is large enough to sleep on!  But I must admit it fits the scale of the room and is meant to act as a space for drinks, food, feet and butts during a party or when large groups are watching a movie or that special game. 

What is your opinion of these large ottomans?  Do you use an ottoman as a coffee table in your home?