Home Decor: Inviting Nature into your Home

With the arrival of warm weather it is now possible for us to open our doors and windows and enjoy the beauty of nature—warm air, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the sound of the birds and the bounty of colors in the garden.  These same sights and sounds can be brought indoors through the use of a few decorating tricks.

  • Birds are a big trend this spring and summer and can be found on pillows and in artwork and other home accessories.  Switch out your heavy landscapes for a couple of bird prints or add some curtain panels using some of the lovely fabrics featuring these feathered friends.
  • Bring the outdoors in by using a few simple cuttings from your yard.  These could be ferns, twigs, leaves and stems from bushes, anything green will add a touch of life to your home. Place them in simple mason jars or group them together in a beautiful vase for an easy and long lasting centerpiece.
  • Faux bois (means fake wood in french) furniture pieces are available in small chairs, tables and benches and can be a fun addition to a breakfast room or seating area.  Replace that dark wood end table with a light and airy faux bois table to add interest and texture to a space.
  • Something as simple as a bowl full of seashells or a large piece of coral placed on top of a stack of books will add to the natural look you are seeking.  There are fabrics available that feature all of these items and can be used to fashion fun throw pillows, summer curtains or simple chair pads.
  • Whimsical items like fish and bugs add a fun touch to any room.

Mother nature is the best designer there is so take a look outside and bring those colors and textures indoors.