Home Decor: Summer Quilts

We are all familiar with the cozy look and feel quilts provide during the fall and winter months.  Nothing is better than curling up with a good book or a loved one under a warm quilt.  Well that same feeling can be had during the summer months as well.  Lightweight quilts are perfect for use on those chilly nights or as a buffer from air conditioning.  Here are some other decorating ideas.

  1. Replace your normal comforter or duvet with a matelasse coverlet.  (matelasse is a lightweight quilted blanket) The room will feel summery and cool and the weight of the blanket is just right for summer nights.
  2. Stock the family room with laptop quilts (about 50×60′) in summer patterns and colors.  They make great cover-ups for family movie night.
  3. Quilts featuring summer patterns like sailboats, sunflowers, patriotic colors, birds and beach toys will add just the right touch to your family room.  Pastel colors will keep things light and airy.
  4. Quilts are easy to pack and carry as a picnic ground cover.  Keep them in the trunk of the car for those spontaneous stops.
  5. Pack a couple of quilts to keep warm during the concerts under the stars that are so popular during the summer.
  6. They make bright and cheerful tablecloths that are easy to wash later.
  7. Place one at the foot of the guest bed so summertime visitors can curl up when the air conditioning kicks on.
  8. Old quilts that have seen better days can be repurposed into fun placemats or as a throw pillow.

Quilts will make your summer evenings just as cozy and comfortable as they make your winter evenings so grab a loved one and curl up!