Home Decor: Tassels, tassels, and more tassels

I have always had a fascination for tassels.  I can’t explain it but these fluffy and colorful trims just excite me.  I have tassels tied to stools that sit at my kitchen island; I have tassels attached to the corners of pillows and those tassels that I can’t find a home for, I simply hang them on the knobs of my bedroom dresser.  Quirky?  Perhaps.  But tassels are an often overlooked trim that will add personality, color and texture to many areas of your home.  Check out these cute little numbers:

These tassels from mackenzie childs are colorful and unique and the handpainted ceramic centers make them true works of art.


I love these beautiful tassels from house beautiful. They can be tied to a doorknob as shown or used as drapery tiebacks

This cute bunny tassel is perfect for your Easter decorations or to hang on a dresser knob in the nursery. From timeless tassels on etsy.com

This traditional key tassel from Robert Allen and available at onlinefabricstore is shown in Sedona but available in several other colorways


After viewing these great examples have I convinced you to join me on the “other” side and become a tassel addict?