Home decorating: The lore of the rooster

You don’t have to look far to find ways to use roosters in home decorating; open up any kitchen magazine and you are sure to notice a rooster sitting on a countertop  or walk through a fabric store and count the number of patterns that include these feathery guys.  Why roosters?  Believe it or not, these funny looking birds have quite a history.

In Italy there are considered to be a sign of good luck or good fortune.  In today’s modern world they are still given as wedding or housewarming presents to bring that good fortune to the newlywed couple or new homeowner.  However, the origin of this practice goes all the way back to the early Renaissance period when the then powerful Medici family gifted the village peasants with a rooster. (to mate with chickens I suppose) That evening an attempted assassination on the Medici family was foiled due to the squawking of the roosters and they have been viewed as lucky ever since.  In France the rooster is a sign of prosperity and roosters are quite common in french country decorating.  In the good ole USA we simply like the way they look, I think.

Several fabric manufacturers offer rooster patterns.  Waverly, Robert Allen and Covington all have patterns that reflect roosters in one way or another and in several different colorways.  For obvious reasons these fabrics are perfect for use in a kitchen, breakfast room or casual dining room.  If your home is decorated in a french country style, rooster fabrics can be used in living areas as well.  Just adding a pillow that depicts these lucky guys is enough to add a cheerful touch to any family room or bedroom.  Who among us can’t use a little good luck now and then?