How do Oscar’s picks influence interior design?

You do not have to be a movie buff to be aware of all the hype that goes on for weeks before the Oscars are awarded.  From interviews to movie trailers you can actually feel like you have seen the movie even if you have not!  And while many might say that this night is a lot of “nothin”, the results do have an impact on fashion, books, future movies and, yes, interior design.  Take a look at this year’s nominees to see what I am talking about.

True Grit:  This modern version of an old time western has sparked interest in rustic design, aptly called “cowboy chic“.  (everything seems to be “chic” these days)  Elements of this style include distressed leather furniture, animal skins and horns, hunting gear and a general ease of living.

Wouldn't you like to meet this sophisticated cowboy? Love the nailhead trim and embossing on this dresser (by Houzz)

The King’s Speech:  For some reason movies that take place in jolly old England always garner interest from designers.  This is an easy look to copy if you like chintz, clutter, antiques, gold leaf , heavy draperies and red velvet.  Seriously though, a home that has been decorated in a traditional manner can be lovely if done right.  I, personally, enjoyed looking at the crazy wallpaper and design of Logue’s home.  If designers pay attention we may see a resurgence of art deco design in the coming months.

Social Network:  There is no question that Facebook has changed the way we communicate today.  But I am at a loss as to how it is going to influence interior design.  The good news is that our computers and electronics are getting smaller and smaller with fewer and fewer wires and that makes this interior designer very happy.

Black Swan:  Black Swan has already had a major impact on women’s fashion.  After all, every woman has a hidden ballerina inside, don’t we ladies?  While pink is the color of the year and pink and black have always been a sophisticated palette I don’t think we will be seeing too much influence from this movie.  But if the girly look is something you desire, use feminine fabrics like tulle, organza and velvet, frame a pair of old toe shoes or seek out vintage dance posters and playbills.  Ostrich feathers can be a fun accessory when placed in a tall cylinder vase and don’t forget the sparkly tiara!

The Kids are alright:  I have not seen this movie but I would assume that any home decorated by two loving women who are moms must be warm and inviting and that is no trend, that is a must-have for any home.

Grab your popcorn, soft drink and junior mints and take a few moments to enjoy this annual pasttime.  And have fun spotting the movie influenced interior design trends in the upcoming months.