How to Sew a Crib Sheet

Babies and toddlers need a place to sleep. Well. That is, they need a place to sleep for those rare occasions when they’re not staking territory in their parents’ bed. So naturally they need sheets for that crib or toddler bed. In the video below, Melanie of the i heart stitching Youtube channel goes through how to sew a crib sheet step by step. Take a look and if you’re looking for inspiration for your own children or for a baby shower gift, I included a few fun cotton fabric prints below.

Michael Miller Dandy Damask Bloom Fabric


Michael Miller Groovy Guitar Bloom Fabric


Michael Miller Giraffe Love Gray Fabric


Michael Miller Dumb Dot Pluto Fabric


Michael Miller Zoology Sea Fabric


Michael Miller Dumb Dot Gray Fabric


Joel Dewberry Herringbone Pond Fabric