How to Style a Girl’s Bedroom

A girl’s bedroom tells the story of who she is. A collection of pop culture crushes, childhood playthings and momentos of her life so far. So it can be a bit of a challenge to create an inviting space that’s not cluttered, but instead strategically styled and organized to represent her unique personality. For a little guidance on how to do that, let’s tap into Emily Henderson’s expertise again. As she mentions in the video below, whether you’re decorating for a young girl, a tween or teen, it’s a good idea to stick with more neutral wall colors and use brighter textiles to add personality. That way as she grows you can easily switch things up without spending a ton of money every time her tastes change. And they will change.

I’m not suggesting you use all of the below fabrics together (although one or two might complement each other well!) This is just to show you a few fun pink, purple, turquoise and yellow fabric styles that would bring color into a girl’s bedroom. (All for under $10/yard!)


Joel Dewberry Fabric




The above are a mix of decor and cotton apparel fabrics by Joel Dewberry, Premier Prints and Amy Butler. Want more info? Leave a comment with any questions below! And if your girl’s color tastes expand beyond stereotypical pinks and purples, explore more fabric color options on OFS (you can filter by price, style and brand!)