I Spy…Swavelle / Mill Creek Fabric Valance

Don’t know about you but I subscribe to an email list or two. Or twenty seven. There’s just too much delicious design going on across the Internet that not getting such style delivered to my inbox isn’t an option. If I want to remotely stay on top of trends that is. And despite being tuned into Design Sponge daily, somehow it wasn’t me that spotted today’s “I Spy...” That cred goes to Nick. Last week they featured Carrie of Green Dream DIY’s home and in it, Nick spied Swavelle / Mill Creek Jedburgh Graphite Fabric. It’s one of the latest prints we’ve added to OnlineFabricStore, and although Carrie bought the valance ready-made, we love the fact that she used such a fun pattern and colors for her bathroom.

20Carrie-500x750(Photo by Mallory Benedict)

Here are a few more views of the fabric and some of the other Swavelle / Mill Creek prints that complement it.




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