Ideas for a beautiful Easter table setting

Easter is just around the corner and, for many of us, that means a time to gather with family and friends.  Beautiful decorations and table settings are often part of this holiday.  If you are the hostess of one of these gatherings here are some table setting ideas that will make your party a memorable one.

  • Unless you have a set of holiday china you like to use, choose all white dinnerware.  It will coordinate beautifully with any color scheme and can be used over and over.
  • Pastels are the colors most commonly associated with an Easter meal.  However, choose any shade of these colors to make your table unique.  In place of soft pinks and yellows, how about bright gold and fuschia?  Instead of those pale blues and mint greens, how about cobalt and citrine?
  • Centerpieces are always a pretty accent to a table but they can be expensive and time consuming and take up space on the table.  Try this instead:  dye some eggs, blow them out (you all know how to do this, right?) and create an opening at the top.  You can then add a small amount of soil or floral foam and place a small flower inside and use these as individual place settings.  This frees up the center of the table for food and drink, the real stars of the party.
These egg centerpieces from martha stewart have been placed in an egg cup but you can also use a small basket or bowl

These egg centerpieces from Martha Stewart have been placed in egg cups but you can also use small baskets, wire holders etc.


  • Tablecloths and napkins are a necessity but they also add color and pattern to any table setting.  Sew your own out of beautiful linen and embellish with a monogram or seasonal motif.  For an outdoor gathering consider burlap as a table covering.  (probably not a good idea for napkins..ouch!).  Or you can mix and match all the colors used in your centerpieces, dishes etc.  For example, a yellow tablecloth with napkins in pink, green, blue and white.  A solid table covering also looks nice with patterned napkins.  Even a simple table runner or placemats will provide the protection you need and add color,pattern and texture.  Use your imagination and be creative!
  • Depending on your family’s preference, you can add decorations that reflect the religious aspect of the holiday or the magical, childlike aspect of the holiday i.e. eggs, bunnies etc.  Place a chocolate bunny at each setting or wrap colorful jelly beans in pretty netting, tie a string with each guest’s name on it and use it as table markers.

A beautiful table and thoughtful gifts will tell your guests that they are important to you.  The only downside to throwing a successful party is that everyone will want to come to your house every year!  (but that’s not so bad is it?)