Improving Your Upholstering Skills

Doing your own upholstery and re-upholstery projects can be very rewarding.  Simple upholstery projects, such as covering or re-covering a chair cushion are easy to do with little instruction.

Quality upholstery supplies make learning upholstering easier.

However, more advanced techniques take more time to learn and can be difficult to tackle on your own.  There are several great books available on the craft of upholstering, but if you learn better by seeing the work done you may enjoy learning with online videos or with local community college courses.

Community college upholstery courses are generally taught by the continuing education or leisure learning department.  They are often held during the summertime or on weekends or evenings for the convenience of working adults.  Attending a continuing education course can be an enjoyable way of meeting new people as well as learning a new craft.

The internet also offers many resources for learning to upholster any project. A Google search turns up numerous sources, some better than others.  Master upholsterer Bill Eisenberg offers free online videos  of various upholstery techniques.

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After mastering upholstery techniques for their own pleasure, many people find that their hobby turns into a business. A well-done upholstery job for a friend or neighbor can lead to other projects.  Many long-time professional upholsterers find that much of their new business comes by word-of-mouth.

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Whether your upholstery project is large or small, simple or complex, you can find the tools and supplies you need at Online Fabric Store.  Browse our fabulous selection of upholstery fabric and be inspired.