Insulated Drapery Helps Cut Back Energy Costs

Insulated drapery can make your room more comfortable in both warm and cold weather. This form of drapery is perfect for use with older windows which may not be as well-sealed as newer models; however, insulated drapery is also a great addition in new homes which have the most up-to-date window insulation because it can provide an extra layer of protection.

Insulated drapes and Roman shades can save you money on your utility bills.  If you make your own drapes and shades you are not limited in the fabric you can use.  Choose from the many thousands of stylish drapery fabrics available and then line your drapes or shades with special insulated fabric.

There are several varieties of insulating fabric available.  Hanes Thermafoam  is one of the most versatile; it is suitable for moderate climates that do not reach extremely cold temperatures and it also provides protection against the heat in summer.  Hanes Thermafoam is available in ivory or white.



Hanes Heavy Flannel Drapery Lining is also suitable for moderate climates.  It is especially effective for applications where extra body is needed (swags, valances, etc.).

White Flame’trol FR Drapery Lining is a foam backing that provides both thermal and noise insulation.

Warm Window fabric  is suitable for colder climates and also provides insulation from the heat.  Composed of four insulating layers to provide both moisture and temperature resistance, Warm Window fabric is designed for shade lining.  Because of its thickness it is not suitable for any applications that must drape.

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