Interior Design Tips–Part I

Bold colors can make any room spectacular.

Acting as your own interior designer can be an enjoyable experience and will save you money.  With a little research you can succeed in decorating a beautiful living space that you and your family will enjoy for many years.

The first key to successful interior design is developing an understanding of décor styles.  There are many basic styles: traditional, eclectic, colonial, and contemporary.  The formal American colonial and cozy Early American styles are no longer as popular as they once were, but many people, including myself, still enjoy them.  Colonial style pieces, such as Queen Anne furniture, can be easily incorporated into a traditional décor and also are fun in an eclectic décor.

The best way to understand décor styles is to look carefully at professionally done rooms.  Browse home design magazines for ideas.  There are numerous interior design sites on the web, including House Beautiful  and Home and Design.   Attend  home shows if possible so that you can see some great room models in person.

You will fall in love with many of these design ideas.  With a little creativity you can incorporate them with your own unique touch into your new décor.  Keep in mind that you need to choose what will work for you and your lifestyle.  The best home interiors are those that are stylish, yet liveable.  They should be easy to maintain as well as attractive.  A beautiful room is no good if you are afraid to enjoy it for fear of getting it dirty, so keep practicality in mind as well as style.  For example, white or light color upholstery is not a good choice if you have active children.