Interior Design Tips–Part IV

Fabric samples can help you plan your rooms; you can order samples of upholstery and drapery fabric carried by OFS.

There is so much to do when you are designing your own décor. To avoid being overwhelmed and to work out the most unified design, I suggest this gameplan for planning your own interior design:

1.  Study rooms and styles to see what you like.

2.  Choose your style.

3.  Decide what pieces you will use.

4.  Decide what color/s you will use to unify the room.

Blue and white unite the eclectic furniture styles in this elegantly simple bedroom.

If you are doing an entire house, remember that you don’t have to use the same color scheme for the whole house.   For example, doing a bedroom with an attached bathroom in the same color is great, but bedrooms and the family living rooms don’t have to be the same.  Styles don’t have to be the same either; you can have a formal traditional or colonial living room and a delightfully eclectic family room.

Once you have decided on styles and colors you can begin shopping for any upholstery and drapery fabric you will use.  Again this can be exciting, but overwhelming.  There are simply thousands of fabrics to choose from.  You can simplify the process by choosing the fibers you will use before looking at colors and motifs. It is helpful to order samples of fabrics you are considering, before you make your final choices.  Samples can be ordered from OFS by clicking the “order sample button” on the fabric description page.

Your fiber choice will depend on how durable you need the fabric to be.  Obviously, drapery fabrics can be much less sturdy than those used for any seating purposes.   Delicate sheers  look beautiful in many different settings.

Brocaded and embroidered upholstery fabrics can be used on pieces that will seldom be sat in.  Durable woven fabrics with stain protection  are your best bet if the furniture will receive heavy use.

I will have more on durable fabrics in a future post.