Last Minute Decorating for Holiday Entertaining

Okay, so you bought a lovely piece of fabric a couple of months ago, intending to turn it into a fabulous holiday tablecloth, but it is still folded away in your stash and you have guests coming over tonight for a holiday party. Don’t worry you can still use that uncut, unhemmed piece of fabric as part of your party décor.

A piece of fabric can be folded to the proper size and used to cover the table. Or fold in a narrow strip and use it as a table runner over a plain white or ecru table cloth. Are you using a buffet to serve some of your dishes? Fabric can be folded neatly to make a nice buffet cloth.

Do you have some left over tulle or lace? If it is an appropriate color, use it to make big holiday bows on some or all of your dining room chairs. Remember Christmas colors don’t have to be confined to red, green, silver, and gold. Blue makes a fabulous holiday color and you’ll find you can work other colors into your holiday décor as well.