Last-Minute Holiday Decor Idea

I know I can’t have been the only person doing some last-minute holiday decorating over the weekend, right? Ok, so maybe I was. But I had an excuse, remember? And our family managed to pick out a tree at a local farm, decorate it and bake cookies. All in the same day. Believe me, that’s progress guys! For us at least.


P.S. I agree, the binky has got to go. #Itsonthelist #Parenthood.

But even if your place is already decked out, consider this little project by Jamie at So Much Better With Age as a festive decor bonus. And it’s actually something that works year-round in my opinion (minus the sparkly letters of course.)

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Photo Credit:


She simply wrapped jute webbing around a wreath form and embellished with silver and gold words. SYou can see Jamie’s full wreath tutorial here.

Hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays so far everyone!