Learn to Sew with a Friend

Do want to teach yourself to sew but are having a hard time getting motivated to start?  Learning to sew along with a friend can you help you take the leap and also keep you both motivated.

The idea is to be each other’s cheerleader when the going seems rough. So, you can choose similar projects or completely different ones.

Simplicity pattern company has many great Learn-to-Sew patterns now available. These patterns give step-by-step instructions so even the most novice sewer will feel right at home with them.

Before beginning your project, make sure you have the basic notions on hand.
Absolute musts are thread, sewing needles (hand and machine), a good pair of scissors, straight pins, and a measuring tape.

All commercial sewing patterns specify what fabrics are suitable for the project. Patterns designed for beginner sewers use easy-to-sew fabrics.

A fabric is easy to sew when it cuts easily, does not ravel excessively, and is easy to guide through the machine without being jammed down into the sewing machine feed dogs. Woven cotton fabrics are the easiest fabrics to start with, and I always recommend them to beginners. Cotton fabrics recommended for quilting are perfect for many craft projects and garments; these attractive fabrics can be made into dresses, skirts, and shirts for all ages, as well as tote bags and other accessories. All-purpose thread and a size 14 sewing machine needle work well for cotton and cotton blend quilting weight fabrics.

Because most fabric shrinks and even fades a little when it is first washed, make sure to pre-shrink/pre-wash your material according to the manufacturer’s recommended care instructions before you begin cutting.  This step is especially important for garments and other items that will be frequently washed after being made. Making a garment without pre-shrinking can lead to a big disappointment the first time it’s washed if it shrinks and no longer fits.  That’s no way to encourage a new sewist!  Cotton fabrics should also be ironed after being pre-washed and dried.

After you and your friend have successfully completed a first project, share your ideas, what you learned, and what you would differently next time.  Then, pick the next project and carry on.  Tell us a story about your first sewing project in the comments below or post a photo on our Facebook page. We’d love to support you – and your friend!