Learning to Sew–matching plaids and stripes (part II)

If you want a mirror image effect, with the plaids going in opposite directions from the center of the garment, the pattern you choose needs a center front and back seam or closure.  For this effect you will work with a single fabric layer.  The front and back pieces of the garment will be cut once and then turned over, marking side down and upside down from the way the first piece was cut.


When doing the mirror image effect with plaids, position the center front lines or center seams on the center of the dominant bar or group of bars.  Place the center of the sleeve on the main bar and cut one sleeve out; then reverse the sleeve pattern, turning it face down and in the opposite direction of the first sleeve.  Before cutting a sleeve, remember to match it to the side of the garment it will be going on.


Doing a mirror image effect does take extra time, but you’ll be pleased with the professional look.  To avoid frustration, be sure you have enough experience before trying a more challenging project such as this.