Linen Décor Fabrics

Linen is known for its comfortable feel when worn and it is also a comfortable choice to cover furniture seats and arms. Linen is durable and lint-free making it ideal for seating and window treatments.  It provides a cool, comfortable place to sit in warm weather, yet it is also warm and inviting in cold weather.

Many marvelous interior design fabrics are linen or linen blends. Although strong and durable, the fibers of linen can be damaged with prolonged use of excess heat or with the acids found in some cleaning solutions.  In addition, 100% linen fabric does not possess much elasticity.  Therefore, pure linen décor fabrics are ideal for furniture that will not receive heavy wear.  Imagine a bedroom loveseat, bench or chair upholstered in this luxurious pure linen from Beacon Hill.

Because of their increased durability, linen blend fabrics are most frequently used for upholstery and drapery.  Fabrics such as viscose, cotton, acrylic or rayon produce more elasticity while retaining the natural linen look and feel. Some linen décor fabrics are made with a pure linen surface and a synthetic backing.  The backing provides added insulation and durability, which could be appealing in drapery.  Many Waverly fabrics are linen blends.