How To Make Bolster Pillows–Part II

Traditional, yet fresh. Gingham makes great bolster pillows for a window seat or bedroom.


  • Bolster foam, 6” or 8” diameter, cut to the desired length. (a down bolster pillow form can also be used)
  • A yard of 45” or 54” fabric, for a 24” long pillow
  • Ribbon or decorative cord
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Thread to match
  • Thimble (optional, but it makes life easier for the finger that pushes the needle)
  • Sewing machine or serger (optional, the entire project can be made by hand)
Down bolster forms are durable and comfortable.
  1. Cut a rectangle piece of fabric about 6” longer than your pillow length and wide enough to wrap around the bolster foam and overlap slightly.
  2. Turn under ¼” on the edges of the rectangle and press. Turn under again and hem around the rectangle with a narrow hem. If you have a serger, you can overlock the edges, rather than turning them under and hemming them.
  3. Roll the finished rectangle around the bolster foam. Leave the same amount of fabric at each end.  Tack or slip stitch the overlapping edge.
  4. The ends can be finished in one of two ways. For a cheerful, casual look tie a ribbon around each end, making the pillow look something like a wrapped piece of candy. For a more formal look, roll the extra fabric under at each end. Tack and adorn with cord or ribbon if desired.

( Instructions are adapted from my article, Easy, Inexpensive Bolster Cushions from Bolster Foam, which originally appeared on Penny Pinching Grandma.)