How To Cover Lampshades with Fabric

Making custom, fabric-covered lampshades to match your decor is an easy way to add personal style to your home.

Light and medium weight drapery fabrics are ideal for this type of project. A fabric that you love from Braemore, Covington, Laura Ashley, P. Kaufmann, Robert Allen Designs, or Waverly is sure to fit the bill.

This Covington Bennithport fabric is one of thousands of drapery fabrics suitable for covering lampshades.

Instructions for covering a round lampshade


  • Ready-made lampshade (can be used or new)
  • Fabric
  • Large sheet of plain paper to make a pattern (brown wrapping paper works well)
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun or fabric adhesive
  • Braid (optional)
  • Scissors

1. Wrap the paper around the shade securely and trace the top and bottom shape. Cut the pattern, including ½ inch seam allowance.

2. Use the pattern to cut out your fabric.

3. Place the shade on your fabric with the seam allowance evenly overhanging on the sides. Overlap the fabric ends at the shade’s back seam. Apply a thin strip of glue inside the shade’s top rim. Carefully fold the seam allowance over and smooth in place. Repeat for the bottom rim. Take your time and make sure that the fabric is taut and not wrinkled. Glue the back seam as well, with the seam allowances neatly folded under.

4. If you wish, glue braid or beaded trim at the top and bottom of the shade. Allow all parts to dry before placing on your lamp.

Robert Allen @ Home–Tea Jamboree Porcelain. This charming novelty print would look right at home on a lampshade for your breakfast nook, kitchen, or sewing room.