Making Hoop Skirts

Wedding dresses look gorgeous with a full hoop skirt. Hoop skirts are a staple for historical and stage costumes.

This striking look is accomplished by wearing a hoop petticoat underneath a full skirt. Hooped petticoats are not difficult to make. Decide on the shape you want; some historical hoop skirts are about the same circumference at the hips and bottom of the skirt, while others taper from the waist in a bell or cone shape. If you are not experienced in pattern drafting it is best to have a ready-made pattern.

The waist of a hooped petticoat has a slit opening and is secured with ties. The number of hoops varies depending on the look you want to achieve. Most hoop skirts have three or four hoops. Sew all the seams, except the back seam and apply casings at the points where you want support. Run the hoop wire through the casings. Then sew the back seam, leaving the wire free.