Making the Broomstick Look

The broomstick skirt or hippie skirt.

The broomstick look for skirts is recurrently popular and always a fun look for warm weather. It goes so beautifully with sandals and bare legs.  You can literally use a broom stick to achieve this look or you can use rubber bands.

Wet the skirt or other garment and wring it out. Then place it over a broomstick. Tie it with fabric straps about 2 inches apart. Let it dry thoroughly before untying the straps.

To use rubberbands, proceed in the same way, but twist the garment tightly by itself. Secure it with rubber bands every 2 inches or so. Allow it to thoroughly dry and then release it.

Of course, you can make your own skirt and then use this technique to turn it into a broomstick skirt.

Lightweight cotton fabrics are best for the broomstick look.  Bright color gauze makes wonderful broomstick skirts; it is often used to make tier skirts with different color tiers.   Gauze is cool and comfortable and has always been popular for the broomstick look.  Cotton lawn is another lightweight fabric that is excellent for summer skirts.

The broomstick skirt is also known as the hippie skirt. Back in the 1960s and 1970s it was a favorite style among “flower children.”  Both cotton prints and solids were used for these skirts, with gauze being a favorite fabric.

Ivory eyelet fabric–Circle design

Any pattern for a simple gathered skirt with an elastic waistband is a good basis for this look. While broomstick skirts are often worn with t-shirts or tank tops, an eyelet blouse in a peasant or sleeveless style will complement this casual look well. A basic peasant or sleeveless top pattern which specifies cottons can be used to make a lovely eyelet top. Eyelet is available in many lovely colors, not just the tradition white and ivory.