Meet OFS Amanda

Recently I introduced you to a few members of the web team I work closely with on a daily basis. But the truth is, the ones here that connect directly with OnlineFabricStore customers by phone, email and live chat everyday is customer service. And they’re an awesome group. So every so often we’re going to help put their names to faces for you. First up is Amanda. (Who happens to be 36 weeks along with her first baby. Yay!)


Here’s our little little interview:

Me: How long you’ve worked at OFS?

Amanda: 1 year and 2 months

Me: What’s your favorite part of being a customer service rep at OFS?

Amanda: I love getting to work with new customers everyday, one on one. Getting to know them and their needs.

Me: Do any of your customer interactions ever just kind of “stay” with you?

Amanda: Definitely. There was one woman in particular. One of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. Her husband was very allergic to most stuffing materials. I spent three days working with them in deciding which material would work for him. We discovered that Kapok filling (made from seeds of a ceiba tree) was a good option, and the doctor approved. They placed the order and I kept my eye on it so I could call them on the day it was going to arrive. They were an elderly couple so it would be easier for them to look out for the order if they had a heads-up. I called them the day it was to arrive. She called me later that day to let me know they received it and that it was perfect. She even stated that “there truly are angels out there!” This was not a larger order but it was one of the most rewarding orders I have ever done.

Me: What you do creatively outside of work?

Amanda: I make crafts and sell at craft fairs. I like to do home décor crafts. Sewing blankets, bags and dog beds, and now baby stuff, since I’m due in July!

Thanks to Amanda for agreeing to be featured this week. More customer service spotlights to come…