Meet OFS Charlene

This girl’s good at her job. Her name is Charlene and she is a customer service rep for OnlineFabricStore.


How do I know she’s good? For one, she’s always been so friendly, funny and has helped me on numerous customer service questions I’ve encountered over on Facebook. And I’ve also seen customer feedback emails that sing her praises. One in particular thanked her profusely for her help and said: “There IS still some good customer service out there!”

So as I did with OFS Amanda, I asked her a few questions so that OFS customers can have more of an idea who the Charlene on the other end of the phone/email/chat is.  Here goes.

Me: How long have you worked at OnlineFabricStore?

Charlene: Just about 2.5 years

Me: What’s your favorite part of being a customer service rep at OFS?

Charlene: I enjoy helping customers with their projects. It is nice to see what creative minds can do and make. And because I am fun, outgoing and love to make people laugh, it’s a perfect fit for me.

 Me: Do any of your customer interactions ever just kind of “stay” with you?

Charlene: Yes. But I have had so many different cool and funny customer calls and experiences that I cannot narrow one down as a fav. One time I helped a customer design quite an unconventional wedding dress. It was royal blue and ended up being exactly what she wanted.

 Me: What you do creatively outside of work?

Charlene: I like to sew, knit, crochet and read. I’m also a student studying Computer Technology  & Programming.

Thanks to Charlene for agreeing to be featured this week. More customer service spotlights to come! Side note, whether you’re an existing customer of OnlineFabricStore or someone just passing through, consider signing up for our emails which every so often contain some really good coupon codes, sales and new product info. You can do that here.

*Update: While Charlene still assists with customer service and loves those ladies to death, she is now a member of the web team helping improve our site and systems.