Meet OFS Connie

“If you know someone in customer service, hug them today.” That’s the sentiment I gathered from the radio show I listen to on morning commute. While I missed the reason why the host Elvis came into the subject in the first place, I gathered he met or knew a customer service representative who was incredibly stressed out. Worn down by the constant stream of unhappy customers — sometimes not so nice ones. And I thought of our customer service team.

We get a lot of feedback about how incredible OFS customer service is. How one of our representatives saved the day for someone prepping for an important life milestone. Customers connect with and get to know many of them. But as with any customer service department, our ladies probably get some genuinely tough calls. And I, for one, think that the ability to remain calm, respectful and helpful no matter what, call after call, is impressive. So to my customer service colleagues — thanks for all you do!  Now, meet Connie, one of the latest to join the team.


Connie kindly obliged to answering a few questions from me –the annoying company blogger. Here’s the exchange.

Me: How long have you worked at OnlineFabricStore?

Connie: I have been working here since July of this year. So approximately five months, and I love it!

Me: Why did you decide to become a customer service rep at OFS?

Connie: I have always done customer service, and have recently gotten into crafts and making my own things around my home.  So what is better than doing a job you love and being surrounded by beautiful fabrics?  I also love seeing what customers can do with fabrics they purchase from us — they produce amazing things.

Me: Share a customer service story that has stood out to you so far.

Connie: My favorite is a customer who ordered fabric for her wedding from another company. But when she received it, she found it wasn’t up to her standards. I worked with her to find the exact fabric she was looking for, and had it rushed her way just in time for her wedding! She was very satisfied with the fabric and I really enjoyed being part of coordinating that part of her wedding.

Me: What’s your favorite OnlineFabricStore fabric?

Connie: I love the Waverly Santa Maria fabrics. I think I’m a Waverly girl because I love them all!

Me: Do you sew?

Connie: I have actually just started to learn to sew, and am having a blast so far.

Me: Hobbies outside of OFS?

Connie: Love spending time with my family, friends and my teenage son (when he can squeeze me in to his schedule!) But it’s that time of year where my Sundays are spent watching football.

Thanks so much to Connie for participating in this customer service spotlight!